Green Lawn Care for Green Lawns

Work Green, Grow Green!

Hedström Lawn Care uses 100% electric, eco-friendly lawn care machinery. Did you know, a 50ft2 plot of healthy grass produces enough oxygen each day to meet the needs of a family of four?


To provide sustainable, dependable lawn care for a healthier lawn and a healthier world!


To reduce off-road CO2 omissions by using fully-electric lawn care machinery.


Sustainability, Integrity, Quality,
and the Oxford Comma.

A Little Bit About Me:

Hello! My name is Eric Hedstrom. The surname is Swedish, coming from the words that mean “heath” = hed + ström = “stream.” So you could say my passion for a well-watered lawn runs deep in the family! My dad was actually my first salesman, knocking on doors wherever he noticed a lawn that could use a trim and saying, “my son could give you a bid.” That was over a decade ago, and I’ve loved mowing lawns ever since.

Why Hire Me?

Sustainability – The Bad News

Ironically, the lawn care industry is one of the least green, responsible for one of the largest off-road CO2 footprints. The EPA estimates that hour-for-hour, gas-powered lawn machinery produces 11 times as much pollution as a new car. Besides this, yard waste is estimated to make up 20-50% of US landfills. The grass clippings which comprise the majority of that total are forced to decompose anaerobically, producing methane, which is 21 times more potent than CO2. If we want our lawns to stay green much longer, we need to start working much greener!

Sustainability – The Good News

You’ve probably never called it this, but your lawn is a “carbon sink.” That’s just a crunchy term for “a natural environment that stores carbon-based compounds rather than releasing them into the atmosphere.” Besides converting our CO2 into its fertilizer, grass acts as nature’s air conditioning system, offsetting solar heat through the cooling action of evaporation. Finally, grass is earth’s filtration system, cleansing about 12 million tons of impurities from the air every year, and that’s just in the USA! Let’s not thank our hard-working lawns by burning through the roof of their greenhouse when we trim them.


As a homeowner, I know that dealing with contractors can be difficult — but it doesn’t have to be! I value clear communication and quality follow through. With me, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing I mow every lawn like it’s my own (which, environmentally-speaking, is true!). There’s just something about the process, paired with the precision, that makes me happy. Basically, my OCD is your worry-free.

A Personal Touch

I’ll be the one mowing your lawn and fielding your feedback. Getting to know a lawn like a friend is something I’ve enjoyed since I was little — if you’ve got bushes that need an extra wide berth or trees that other lawn-mowers have gouged in the past, let me know! I like learning how to pattern things just right while looking out for the health of your other green, growing friends.

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Let’s Talk About Your Lawn

Every lawn is different. Factors such as the species of grass, slope, sun exposure, etc, all inform its care.